5 Ways To Make Your Romantic Getaway to Santorini More Exciting

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Santorini is one of the most romantic places in the world. Its unique and breathtaking landscape was carved as a result of the massive eruption of the Greek volcano Thera. The island is encircled by steep and incredibly picturesque cliffs and is lined with gorgeous volcanic sand beaches. With its beautiful whitewashed buildings and no shortage of spectacular views and sunsets, it’s no surprise that it’s become a hot spot for engagements, marriages, and romantic getaways of all sorts.

But there’s more to the island than what you typically see in photos like these.

My name is Ryan. I am one half of The Opposite Travellers, along with my wife Rachel. We have two very different tastes when it comes to travel. Rachel loves luxurious and romantic getaways, while I prefer something a bit more adventurous. We take turns in planning our travels as a compromise. You can read all about our story here.


You can probably guess whose choice Santorini was. But, can you guess how I transformed this typical romantic getaway into an adventurous and exciting experience all without sacrificing any of the romance? Here’s 5 ways you can do it.

1. ATV the Island

Forget public transportation, which is virtually non-existent on the island. Taxis, too expensive. Car rentals, too boring. Enjoy the fresh island air on your skin and really get a feel for the views as you zip around the island on an ATV. It is hands down the best way to travel and experience the island. It’s fast, affordable, and as long as you’re sensible, it’s safe. The ATV gives you freedom to get anywhere on the island, any time you want, not to mention it is so much more enjoyable than sitting in a car the whole time.


2. Explore the Less Travelled

Avoid the crowds and venture to the less crowded, but equally beautiful parts of the island. Undoubtedly, you’re going to want to visit the typical romantic hotspots of Oia and Fira. And you definitely should, but why not change it up a bit? Pack two glasses, toss a bottle of beautiful Greek wine in your ATV carrier box and head to the southwestern point of the island. Here you can share a glass and enjoy uninterrupted views at the Akrotiri Lighthouse.


Next, you can ride in the same direction and stop off at Vlychada beach. The beach is less crowded than most, lined with soft black sand and is surrounded by beautiful volcanic carved cliffs that look like they were shaped by a sculptor. Perfect place for a packed lunch or another glass of wine!


3. Sail the Island

The next best way to see a different perspective of the island is to sail. Let the island winds take you through the Aegean Sea as you sail around Santorini, treating yourself to an array of beautiful views from the bottom of the island’s cliffs.


4. Drink Wine

If you haven’t caught on already, you can’t spend time in Santorini without drinking plenty of the local wine here, it’s excellent. Do yourself a favor and visit the Venetsanos Winery. You’re guaranteed to make unforgettable memories while enjoying several glasses coupled with a thrilling view along the cliff’s edge.


5. Never Miss a Sunset

Make it a pact between you and your significant other to never miss a sunset. Each one is better than the last. Take the ATV out and find private spots to catch unforgettable sunsets.


If you haven’t added Santorini to your bucket list yet, we highly suggest it! If you’ve already been, but want to experience it a bit differently we’d love to hear about it! Stop by our blog or connect with us here:

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Have fun on your travels. We’ll catch you somewhere around the globe!

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