Girls Trips: 5 Reasons They’re a Must at Every Age

img_2884For the first 20 something years of your life as a female, you are taught that friends should always come before boys, guided by the somewhat graphic mantra of chicks before dicks. Then, as you get older things start to shift.  For me it happened in college, for many it happens in the years after. You meet someone, fall in love for real and eventually the stages of dating progress. You start spending more of the nights in a week with him instead of with your girls. Late nights turn into date nights. He becomes your permanent roommate instead of your best friend. And one day, before you know it, the wedding bells ring and you find yourself as a wife. At that point in your life, chicks are no longer first.

While I partly think that saying was a ploy made by some mom who didn’t want her daughter dating boys in high school, I do believe focusing on friends as you get older is critical. My best friends today are the ones I made back in elementary school in New York and my sorority sisters from DPHIE at University of Florida (go Gators!). I did have boyfriends before my husband, but the focus really remained on my friends throughout those years. (With friends occasionally putting me in check by reminding me of that famous saying).

I’m here to tell you that no matter what age or what stage of life you’re in, whether you’re married, a mom or a grandma, dedicated girls trips are a necessity. These don’t have to be week-long extravaganzas, however just taking a few days once a year to get away with the girls has many benefits for not only yourself but your own relationship back home.

Here are five reasons why you need to plan a girls trip:

1. They Make You Feel Young Again

Age is honestly just a number, but something about taking a girls trip and spending every waking hour with your best friends makes you feel like you’re back in your glory days of high school or college (or whenever you feel like you peaked). When else is it acceptable to have an adult sleepover or stay up all night talking? We need moments like these every once and a while to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.

Austin Girls Trip – Outside Jo’s Coffee

2. They Allow You to Recharge and Refocus

Taking a girls trip allows you to focus on yourself  and gives you time away to recharge and refocus your energy. It takes you away from the craziness of every day life and you’ll realize what things are actually important and what unnecessary things are taking up time and energy from you. Though I recommend trying to unplug from back home if you can, even if you can only disconnect for a couple of hours throughout each day, you’ll see how the small amount of time will leave you feeling revived and revitalized. Everyone needs a break now and then. If you don’t have the time to take care of yourself, how can you successfully take care of others? Getting away for the weekend allows you to take a step back from everything and regroup, so you can be the best version of yourself when you return home.

3. They Make Your Relationship Stronger

Absence makes the heart grow fonder is definitely a true statement. Being away gives you something to miss and that much more appreciative of it when you get back home. Let’s face it, slumber parties with your girls are fun, but there’s nothing better than coming home and cuddling up to the one you love.

4. They Give You a Chance to See Things from Fresh Perspectives

Making decisions with your husband through open communication is an amazing and necessary quality for a successful relationship. However, in even the most incredible relationships, there will likely be things you don’t see eye to eye on. Being in a neutral environment and having an outsider perspective on situations at home can be very helpful. Whether you use their advice or not, having friends as sounding boards is in their job description. Whether you’re right or wrong, friends always know what to say.

5. They are Just Plain Fun.

With the craziness of life, work, kids and all the other daily responsibilities we add to our overflowing plates, we need to have some days of just plain fun every once and a while. Though it’s hard to pull away, digital detoxes and unplugging from your responsibilities (even if only for a moment) is vital to your personal happiness. Whether it’s a spa weekend or an adventure of sorts, a fun weekend with friends can cure almost anything.

Chicago Girls Trip – Navy Pier Ferris Wheel Ride

In the last few years I’ve gone on girls trips to Chicago, D.C., Austin and New York. Looks like I’m due for another one. What is your favorite place for a girls getaway? I may take you up on the suggestion!

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  1. Wow Haley! What a great blog and what a great piece on trips with chicks! I hope married life is treating you well! xoxo Catherine


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