Love ‘N’ Luggage Launch

Love 'N Luggage
Salzburg, Austria

With hundreds of travel blogs out there, you may be wondering, why add another one to the mix?

I could say because I have a true passion for travel and starting this blog is a way for me to share my experiences with people who aren’t tired of listening to my New Yorker method of story-telling (aka super quickly yet without sparing a single detail) every time I come back from a trip. Or, I could say that it’s been three years since I graduated college, during writing was pretty much a daily requirement (Go Gators!) and I kinda sorta miss it. I could also admit that “starting a blog” somehow always appears on my New Years Resolutions list (yes I actually write down all of my resolutions every year) and I only have one month left to cross it off before I’m forced to start over again.

Frankly, all of those are pieces, but as a wise man named Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” So the whole of it is this innate desire to inspire others to travel in any capacity they can. Even if I can motivate one person or one couple to visit unchartered territory and participate in a unique custom, indulge in exotic cuisine, step outside his or her comfort zone, learn something new or simply make unforgettable memories, I know Love ‘N’ Luggage will have served a purpose. (Though I do hope it will inspire many more than just one person!)

Learning about this incredibly beautiful planet from first-hand experiences is something I felt compelled to do from the moment I understood this world expanded beyond my hometown. I’ve always had this indescribable love for learning (I actually loved going to school) and what better way to understand the microcosm surrounding all of us than by exploring what lies beyond our own borders? I do hope through Love ‘N’ Luggage I can not only provide travel tips, share trends but also shed light on the feelings I have when I step off the plane in a new city, barely able to contain my excitement and anxious to start my next adventure. And I hope it inspires you chase those same exact feelings.

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